The Kingmaster (Book Review)

It always makes my day to hear from readers! So many good thoughts in this review of “The Kingmaster.” 😊


I have no memory of acquiring this book.

No, but seriously. I opened my Kindle to read Battlefield Earth, and there it was, at the very top of my virtual bookshelf, implying that I’d downloaded it sometime in the last two weeks.

I have, at best, only a fuzzy recollection of possibly doing so.

More concerning, its title contains the word “Arc.”

I am not on the advanced reader team for this book. I am not familiar with this author. No emails have been exchanged requesting a review.

Goodreads claims it was published in 2021.

cue the bookmarkedone panic because nooo I did not leave this book sitting there that long, right?

In case you’re worried, I downloaded it January 28th. Of this year. “Arc” is part of the series name, not an indication of an advanced copy. Most likely it was a freebie someone posted on Twitter, I…

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