Book Review Policy

  1. Fantasy & Scifi only. All sub-genres, except horror. Anything stronger than a sweet romance makes me gag.
  2. PG-13 rating max. Nothing explicit or gratuitous; no sex scenes, gore, obscenities, etc.
  3. Must have an ARC or review copy available. (Standard ebook formats are great!)
  4. 5 Slot Queue: First come, first served, but books with less than 20 reviews will be looked on with favor.
  5. I’m not a professional reviewer. Reviews will be by a reader for readers and posted to Goodreads or your preferred platform.
  6. I’m open to having a beta-reader-type discussion. I will contact you once I’m done reading, and we can dissect the technicals, if you want.
  7. I won’t publicly post reviews with less than 3 stars. I will contact you to hold a beta-reader-type discussion, instead.

When I have an opening to review a book, I will announce it on my Twitter Page. (Click Here @arclegends.) and we can connect there. I’m not accepting unsolicited book review requests at this time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!