Coming February 15, 2021!

The adventure is over.

Kyen’s companion, Finn, returns to Castle Veleda to prepare for his coronation, leaving Kyen to fade back into his life as a lone wanderer.

When Finn is attacked, it falls to Kyen to rescue his friend’s mind from the grip of a dark weapon—a relic of the Black War—wielded by a man calling himself the Kingmaster.

Kyen is joined by Princess Adeya of Isea whose desperate ambition to become a summoner is her only escape from an unwanted marriage; and by Prince Galveston of Eope whose sense of honor allies him with Kyen while he tries to court the unwilling princess. Together they search for the only way to restore Finn and stop the Kingmaster: finding the last, living summoner in Ellunon.

Yet, the Age of the Summoner ended years ago. With all the summoners lost, dead, or powerless, the Kingmaster’s dark strength keeps growing. Kyen realizes that —he may not only fail his friend, Finn—he stands to lose far more than his life as the Kingmaster’s plots close in around him.

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