The Kingmaster Q & A

Q: Tell us in a sentence. What’s The Kingmaster about?
It’s about Kyen of Avanna—a shy, bumbling, why’s-this-guy-a-hero—trying to find lost magic, stop an evil relic and rescue his best friend.

Q: An evil relic? I assume this is in the bad guy’s hands.
That would be the Kingmaster. He laid his sly fingers on magical darts that allow him to possess people. Naturally, he goes after the royalty—those in Ellunon who can give him the most leverage. Kyen’s best friend happens to be the crown prince of the most powerful kingdom.

Q: And who are the characters out to stop the Kingmaster?
Kyen’s at the forefront. He runs into Adeya, a spoiled, spunky, determined, and clueless princess. And there’s Galveston, an old-fashioned, chivalrous, pompous knight. Kyen gets stuck with them in the wilderness when he’s hunting for the last summoner.

Q: Which character is your favorite?
Kyen. He’s such an oddball! I laughed into my keyboard so much writing him out. He’s like the wimpy kid, post-epic adventure, yet still blundering through life. Topping that off, he’s got these threads of honor and strength to his personality. They pop out at the strangest moments. I love how through the whole book, the biggest question is: “Who is this guy?”

Q: What makes The Kingmaster stand out in the fantasy genre?
It’s not an epic; it’s sword and sorcery. That means the story is a lot more character-oriented and action-packed. The Kingmaster gives a lot of tropes a tweak on the cheek; it’s all the beloved ideas—the hero, the princess, the summoner, the quest—but with a new twist. Then, there’s Kyen. He’s such a character! (Opps, sorry, pun.) He’s not your typical sword-wielding hero-brute. He’s the jellyfish that got thrust into hero-hood by an odd turn of events. In a world where we’re all called to be brave, Kyen’s struggle is really relatable.

Q: Are you planning a sequel? What can you tell us about it?
Oh yes, there’s a sequel. It’s the epilogue of The Kingmaster realized. I’m not going to say more than that, for now. Look for more in 2022!

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When a magical dart transforms his best friend into a puppet of darkness, a blundering swordsman named Kyen of Avanna is determined to restore him. Fiend-infested forests, dragon-crowded caves, angel-beckoning summoners, and an unruly princess await—until the Kingmaster attacks. As wielder of the magic darts, he’s taking control of Ellunon’s royal families, and he’s out to claim Kyen next.

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Coming February 15, 2021!

The adventure is over.

Kyen’s companion, Finn, returns to Castle Veleda to prepare for his coronation, leaving Kyen to fade back into his life as a lone wanderer.

When Finn is attacked, it falls to Kyen to rescue his friend’s mind from the grip of a dark weapon—a relic of the Black War—wielded by a man calling himself the Kingmaster.

Kyen is joined by Princess Adeya of Isea whose desperate ambition to become a summoner is her only escape from an unwanted marriage; and by Prince Galveston of Eope whose sense of honor allies him with Kyen while he tries to court the unwilling princess. Together they search for the only way to restore Finn and stop the Kingmaster: finding the last, living summoner in Ellunon.

Yet, the Age of the Summoner ended years ago. With all the summoners lost, dead, or powerless, the Kingmaster’s dark strength keeps growing. Kyen realizes that —he may not only fail his friend, Finn—he stands to lose far more than his life as the Kingmaster’s plots close in around him.

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